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KeefCooks Newsletter: December 2017
In previous years, I've gone the whole hog with the channel in the run-up to Christmas - decorated the kitchen, changed the graphics, only made Christmas recipes. That's pretty exhausting so this year my only concession to the season was to wear my Christmas jumper and a Santa hat. We had a lovely Christmas with our son and his other half in London, and got the best Christmas present ever. I hope you all had a great time too!

Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce

01 December 2017
Cauliflower has suddenly become a trendy vegetable, and one of the best ways to serve it is roasted whole. It can be served with any kind of sauce you like, but here I'm using a Spanish-based romesco sauce.

Ragu Bolognese

06 December 2017
Us Brits love our Spag Bol, but once you've tried this authentic Italian version, you'll wonder how they can both be called the same thing. And Italians would never serve this sauce with spaghetti - it has to be tagliatelle.

Nut Roast

21 December 2017
The vegetarian nut roast may be a cliché, but it's healthy, nutritious and tasty too. You can make it as a loaf or as individual pie-sized portions. This recipe is enlivened by a blob of red onion marmalade hidden inside it.

Suet Cakes for the Birds

12 December 2017
Mrs Keef Cooks is a big nature fan, and as winter tightens its icy grip, she suggested I have a go at making suet cakes to put out for the birds. This video includes a Taste Test by the rarely-seen Leeds Jabberwocky.

Long Yule Log

15 December 2017
I was asked by Oxfam to make a video for Christmas. The idea was I would visit one of their stores, buy a Christmas gift and also buy something to cook with. So that generally means chocolate or cocoa. And they were also taken with the idea of something long (like a long egg) so I suggested a Yule Log. Turned out pretty well!

Christmas Message

27 December 2017
The title of this one is a bit misleading. I did deliver a brief Christmas message, but mostly what I'm doing is unboxing my main Christmas present. Which turned out to be a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. This is something I've wanted for a very long time, but would probably never have bought for myself. But I am, obviously, thrilled to bits with it!