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KeefCooks Newsletter: November 2017

November was a crazily busy month. As well as producing 10 videos for Keef Cooks, I also made a couple for my other channel, Keef Makes (it may end up not being called that!). This frenetic activity was mostly to offset the damage caused by YouTube's demonetization nonsense, so hopefully I can take things a bit easier in December - we'll see!

Buffalo Wings

03 November 2017
Buffalo wings are an American institution. They were invented in the mid 1960s at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, hence the name. Nothing to do with large woolly beasties at all. It's hard to imagine a world without buffalo wings - they are simple, delicious, and totally addictive. And very easy to make.

Biscuits and Gravy

09 November 2017
Mention biscuits and gravy to a Brit and they'll probably form a mental picture of a couple of digestives swimming in Bisto. But in reality, the 'biscuits' are very much like British scones, and the 'gravy' is a bechamel-based sauce, frequently with bits of sausagemeat in it. And it is surprisingly tasty. Biscuits and gravy is typically served as a breakfast.

Liver Bacon and Onions

23 November 2017
Liver is fantastically nutritious and also pretty cheap. What's not to like?

Oxtail Stew / Rabo de Toro

26 November 2017
This recipe is based on Rabo de Toro, which is very popular during the winter months in the colder parts of Spain. It's very easy to make, although the vegetables take quite a bit of prepping and the meat needs a seriously long braise.

American Food Haul

04 November 2017
I was sent a parcel of US food things (seasonings, sugars and grits) by Brenda Rigdon in Florida. This video shows me unboxing it and my reaction to some of the delights it contained.

Demonetization and the Thumbnail Hack

07 November 2017
This is a follow-up to the first video about YouTube's nasty demonetization policy. I'm talking about a possible workaround to having videos flagged as unsuitable as soon as you upload a custom thumbnail. I can't say whether it truly worked because about a week after this was published YouTube released an update to their algorithm. This update has reduced the frequency of demonetization, although it is still happening sometimes.

Channel Trailer Update

10 November 2017
This isn't a completely new video - it's my channel trailer from over a year ago, but I still love it. I made an updated version because Tastemade UK wanted to feature it on their Facebook page and wanted the graphics removed - in the original I had 'Keef Cooks' in the background and the lyrics as an overlay. It was quite a technical challenge to remove them!

Instant Grits and Hashbrowns

17 November 2017
More goodies from my US Food Haul. I had asked Brenda for grits, because I'd heard of them but never actually tried them. I wasn't expecting Instant Hashbrowns, but what could possibly go wrong?
Favourite YouTube Comments

Karen Lee on US Food Haul
I wanted to take a minute to appreciate you. I love your keen sense of humor, humanity and culinary skill. Enjoy your American care package. May you and Mrs. Keef thrive in good health.

Key Igor on Buffalo Wings
Me: Apologies

Marcie M on Best Long Egg
Very cute...the long egg too
Me: Blush.

craffte on Best Long Egg
Oh my god, you are so charming!! I am an instant fan. Appreciate your candor, and unrehearsed sense of humour. This is a very silly thing, the long egg, and exactly the sort of thing I would do. I subbed and can't wait to see the rest of your channel.

admirathoria 00 on Oxtail Stew
Thanks a lot, Keef. Now, I have a serious craving for oxtail stew. Can you FedEx me a serving? ;-)
Me: Sorry, all gone.
...And Least Favourite

Joseph Wolde on Best Long Egg
Talk to much
Me: TOO much

Jon on US Food Haul
Always sneak dissing America
Me: Keep taking the meds Jon

George Fatherson on Spotted Dick
Horrible English cooking.
Me: Horrible ignorant comment

Anony-moose Fish on Biscuits and Gravy
As someone from the Deep South, this video made me want to jump into a pit of crocodiles, no offense, you poor Brit
Me: LOL. Give my regards to the crocs.

Emiliano Lon Best Long Egg
Me: Unhelpful.