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KeefCooks Newsletter: August 2017
August was a moderately crazy month. At a time when most people are thinking about holidays, I was fretting about other things - a few visits to my dad at the start of the month, a request for a dedicated video from Oxfam GB involving me visiting one of their shops to buy a product, and the arrival of a 2 metre cube of plywood-clad steel which will be the basis of a greenhouse I'm building. Removing the cladding from the cube was top priority so I could cut the steelwork in half and get it into the back garden. There will eventually be a video of this on my Keef Makes channel. So cooking got kind of shoved to one side. However, I finally got to Oxfam and made the video, the cube is now naked, waiting for me to cut it in half, and this coming weekend we are off to the south of France for a mini-break. Good times!


13 August 2017
This is Lebanese-style tabbouleh - it's mostly green, flecked with a bit of bulgur, rather than the stuff I see in Europe which is mostly beige flecked with green. It's hugely popular in the Middle East. Delicious, healthy and well worth making.

Golden Syrup

10 August 2017
Golden syrup is used in many cake and biscuit / cookie recipes. It can be quite expensive, depending on where you live. But did you know you can make your own? All it takes is sugar, water, a bit of lemon juice and about an hour.

Döner Kebab

04 August 2017
The idea of the döner kebab - a huge cylinder of spiced meat thinly sliced as it rotates in front of a hot grill -  comes from Turkey originally. The meat is generally lamb or chicken, and in the UK it's served with salad in a split-open pitta bread and drizzled with garlic mayonnaise or a hot chilli sauce. If you want to make your own, so you know the actual meat that went into it, here's my recipe.

Orange Marmalade

18 August 2017
There was a time when toast and marmalade were on every British breakfast table (and in every Paddington Bear sandwich), but its popularity has been declining. However, that doesn't make it any less wonderful. It's quite easy to make your own, and a great way to use up orange peel.

Chilli Chocolate Chicken

31 August 2017
Chocolate in savoury dishes is quite common in Mexico and other South American countries. The chocolate gives a rich mouth-feel and adds depth of flavour. This is a simplified version that was created to highlight Oxfam GBs range of Fairtrade products, including chocolate.

Long Devilled Egg

25 August 2017
From time to time I get the urge to do another variation on the theme of Long Egg. This time it was a Long devilled Egg, which was requested by quite a lot of people.
My Favourite YouTube Comments...

Suzie Lewis on Quiche Lorraine
I love you're recipes and your videos, but what I love most is the joy in your eyes when your wife walks into the room and eats your food. It's wonderful to see a couple that truly love one another.

aircooled1956 on Best Long Egg
I absolutely loved this tutorial... and I generally HATE tutorials... I like that you make mistakes, and just roll with it. Good that you can laugh at yourself . I'll definitely be following you.

Leroy Jarvis on Long Devilled Egg
You remind me to smile more when I cook.

Craig Jessup on Long Devilled Egg
Keef, you looked like you were about to lose your shit when Mrs. Keef Cooks ran off with the second egg at the end! :D

TheNaishproductions on Proper British Chips
How dare you make such wonderful food. tut tut.
...And My Least Favourite

The Lonewolf on Best Long Egg
This vid is so cringey I'm disgusted

Ann Aston on East End Pie and Mash
Good film but to much talking it's boring. just get on with the cooking

Traci Schultz on Best Long Egg
you talk to much
Me: TOO much.

Roz Sa on Scouse
Thank god I'm not from Liverpool! Looks worse than its name!!
Me: What a disgusting comment.

Alejandro Escalante on Doner Kebab
Worst doner kabab ever you suck
Me: Thank you for your kind and considerate comment