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Glorious June
KeefCooks Newsletter: June 2017
Summer finally arrived here at KeefCooks Hall, and it lasted, what, 4 or 5 days? But it was fabulous while it lasted - temperatures in the high 20s (Celcius). It was so hot, I was actually walking around in me shirt-sleeves, and my butter was melting! I did some interesting recipes, including some summery ones (yay!) and culminating in the epic Opera/Covfefe cake which took three days to make and film.

Next month is looking pretty exciting - we have an unexpected pile of dosh heading our way, so I'll be able to get me some new equipment (camera, lights, microphones and editing software), and I'm finally going to launch another channel, Keef Makes. I've been thinking about this for quite a while and it's going to cover a whole range of Making-related topics - DIY, 3D printing, CNC, robotics, electronics and coding. Most of which I know very little about so it'll be another epic journey into the unknown. And a lot of fun too.

Roast Chicken & Stuffing

09 June 2017
Roast chicken and sage and onion stuffing is one of the great classic British Sunday roasts, and it's easy to make, too.

Quiche Lorraine

22 June 2017
Quiche Lorraine is a classic French egg, cream and bacon flan. It's wonderful for a picnic, or as a light lunch with a bit of salad. It comes from the Lorraine region of France, and traditionally doesn't include things like cheese or onion. You can add those if you like, but then it wouldn't be a traditional quiche Lorraine.

Cheese Crackers Recipe

14 June 2017
Commercial cheese crackers are okay sometimes, but nothing beats the ultra-cheesiness of these home-made cheese crackers. They are really easy to make, and completely addictive.

Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks With Red Wine Sauce

02 June 2017
Lamb shanks are a frequently overlooked cut from the sheep - there's lots of cartilage and tendons and collagen in them. So they need a good long cook, either in the oven, or in a slow cooker/crockpot, or sous vide. In this recipe, I also show you how to make a simple but delicious red wine reduction sauce.

Cheese Soufflé

16 June 2017
Most cooks and many chefs are afraid of making soufflés, because a collapsed soufflé doesn't look good. However, there's nothing you can do about it - they will deflate after a few minutes, no matter what. The best thing is to get them on the table as quickly as you can after they come out of the oven.

Opera Cake

28 June 2017
Opera Cake was apparently invented at a cake shop in Paris in the mid-50s. It's made of layers of sponge cake, buttercream and chocolate ganaches, finished with a mirror-finish chocolate glaze. It's best to take your time when attempting this recipe - I took three days over it, but I was also filming it for a video. Anyway, have a go - if you don't mess it up, it's a seriously impressive thing!
Favourite YouTube Comments...

Katie Soto on Keef's Fried Chicken
I literally died laughing because of that chicken bit. #messagefrombeyonthegrave
Me: I was so going to scold you for misusing 'literally' - then I saw your hashtag. #genius!

Potatou-san on Keef's Fried Chicken
BREAKING NEWS: Colonel Sanders - The founder of Kentucky's Fried Chicken (KFC) is revealed to be still alive and going undercover under the youtube channel "KeefCooks" Private Investigators are hired by companies to discover further information.

Legato on Cheese on Toast
"I have a blow torch~~" might be the best line I've ever heard in a cooking video XD

Ronnie Swoleman on Best Long Egg
There is no point in YouTube after this video. I can die a happy man.

Warren Powers on Best Long Egg
Inventive, charming performance, captivating, listened to all, great demonstration, Thank you.
And Least Favourite...

Profloat Plastering on Best Long Egg
Wot a load of shite.
Me: Thank you sir #thisisanautomatedresponse

kartik khatri on Best Long Egg
you talk too much that makes u annoying

SCHWIFTY GOD on Best Long Egg
I like the idea but... you're so boring to watch

And, something I really didn't expect - a few supporters of Donald Trump getting upset and unsubscribing. The first one essentially said that being political had ruined my channel (I can't repeat his exact comment - I deleted it for excessive profanity). This genuinely surprised me - all I did was comment on the Pres having a permanent tan and hair like spun sugar - if I was being political you would most certainly know about it!

The other one:
Dawn Morris on Covfefe Cake Sorry, Ducky. Unsubscribing. I didn't think you were as lowdown as those silly actors. Cheers. en totsiens.
I asked her to clarify which 'silly actors', but I guess she's gone so I'm not getting a reply. I have no idea who this lady is, but 'en totsiens' is Dutch or Afrikaans for 'goodbye'. Ho hum.

Anyway, we carry on regardless - can't please everybody.