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Jolly July
KeefCooks Newsletter: July 2017
July has been a fairly feeble month, output-wise. I had to spend 3 weeks away from home - only returning for the weekends - because of a family issue. So I've been worn out with loads of driving, stressed through not being able to work, and just... bleugh. Anyway, it's over, hopefully August will be much better. One great highlight of July, though, was my first Livestream session - 90 minutes of witty banter (okay, some of it was drivel) and some great interaction with subscribers. I'm looking forward to doing more of those.

And also in July, I had 3 seriously generous donations via PayPal, and a bunch of new Patreon Fans and SuperFans - thanks a lot folks, it really means a lot!

Sticky Toffee Pudding

07 July 2017
Invented in the 1970s, sticky toffee pudding (STP) has rapidly become a classic British dessert. For this recipe, I like to bake individual puddings in a muffin tin, with some of the caramel sauce on the bottom which moistens the sponge.

Ploughman's Pickle

05 July 2017
Branston pickle is widely available in the UK, but can be expensive / difficult / impossible to obtain in other parts of the world. But all is not lost - it's really easy to make your own, and it will last a long time in jars in the fridge. Or even not in the fridge - it's a pickle, full of preservatives like vinegar and sugar!

Burger Bombe

13 July 2017
OK, it's a first-world problem, for sure, but don't you get fed up when bits of sauce-coated lettuce, tomato and gherkin fall out of your burger? I know I do! Anyway, I have the solution, and it'll only take you a couple of hours - wrap your burger in bread dough, seal it up, and bake it. Oh yeah.

Honeycomb - Cinder Toffee - Homemade Crunchie

29 July 2017
There's something magical about the way this bubbles and foams when you add bicarbonate of soda to hot caramel. If you have kids, you definitely want to get them involved in making this!

My First Livestream

23 July 2017
YouTube introduced live streaming maybe 6 months ago, but I never really saw the point of it. However, Adam from Adam's Eats did and as soon as he hit 1,000 subscribers (YouTube won't let you livestream if you have fewer than this), he was off. His Livestream kept us engaged for 90 minutes - it was nothing like the boring thing I'd been expecting - so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

My Livestream was fairly hastily arranged and I had to use my phone as camera and microphone so the quality wasn't great. But it went off OK with 1000 peak concurrent views. My thanks to Adam for volunteering to be moderator and squash the trolls.

I'll definitely be doing more of these, probably involving some cooking.
My Favourite YouTube Comments
keeglesweegle on KFC
You have the best damn personality

ZombieLogic101 on Spam Fritters
.........Sweet gentle jesus in the garden.......I never knew this was a thing, I need to make this now!

Samantha Logan on Battered Sausage
I spend most of my nights watching your videos haha. I'm an aspiring chef and you honestly embody what cooking should be. I'm a big fan, keep up the amazing work :)

Kriegy on KFC
By the way I subscribed just because of that line.. "If you want health food, you're on the wrong channel" That just shows how class this channel is.
...And My Least Favourite
Valerie Milam on Best Long Egg
you can not have my cash ,your vids are rubbish .

sam johnson on Best Long Egg
Ur so bad a cooking
Me: Ur so bad a riting

Sudhir Makhija on Doner Kebab
Stop pandering to the Americans you had followers before long eggs have some self respect Alex Fox on Best Long Egg
Do you think this fool wonders, "I wonder why I don't have my own cooking show?" Do you not edit your mistakes on purpose? This vid could literally be a 45 second DIY video. Wast of time.

That's me told.